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OiR Ayr is a hub for the over-50s in Ayrshire (and some members even come from further afield).  We have a rich and proud history, and we will continue to evolve through your vital support and contributions.

Within our community, OiRAyr aspires to enable as many over 50s as possible to improve their outlook, feel valued and remind themselves that age is no barrier to boosting self-esteem. Through our activity groups we seek to build a stronger community of people who will continue to appreciate how enterprising they are, and how much poorer we would be without them.

Most people can now work as long as they need to (or want to) and some choose to work out of necessity, or because they enjoy their workplace and the friends they’ve made whilst working. Many members look after grandchildren, care for an elderly parent, spouse, relative, friend, or neighbour.  Some are footloose and fancy free and their time is theirs to enjoy in whichever way they choose. No matter which category you fit into, it's possible you would like some other form of interest outwith your home to complete your lifestyle, even if only for a few hours a week. Our members usually enjoy meeting new people, doing something useful, interesting, cultured, therapeutic or healthy as a beneficial way of socialising.  You'll find all that, and more, when you become a member of OiR Ayr.  

Members receive a quarterly newsletter which they may choose to have sent by email or delivered to their home by one of our volunteers.

To get started, search our website for an interest on our group activities pages. Find out the lastest news in 'THE INSIDER'.  

Have a look through our pages and find out how we could help you (or you could help us) and, when you're ready, why not get in touch?

Over 50 and young at heart - don't forget to bookmark us.  


Professor Alice Brown, CBE, FRSE, AcSS, FRCP Edin, FRSA, Cipfa (Hon)  Alice Brown is Emeritus Professor of Politics at the University of Edinburgh. 

J. Mark Gibson BSC, MRICS is a graduate of Aberdeen University with an honours degree in Zoology. He is owner and developer of the 3000 acre Craigengillan Estate in Ayrshire. 


James Knox is Director of the Fleming Wyfold Art Foundation and has been Chairman of Ayr Renaissance Board since 2009.


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